Steve Fister blends the guitar wizardry of Jeff Beck with a bluesy 70's hard rock vibe, punctuated with the melodic sense of The Beatles." ”

— Nightwatcher’s House Of Rock

New release for 2020

New release for 2020

I'm featured in this documentary, now streaming on ITunes, Amazon, Google etc..

I'm featured in this documentary, now streaming on ITunes, Amazon, Google etc..

Let It Slide Tour 2022

Let It Slide Tour 2022



Steve Fister, versatile rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, has performed and recorded with many artists such as John Kay & Steppenwolf, Bon Jovi, King Kobra, Quiet Riot, The Pat Travers Band, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Michael Des Barres, Stu Hamm, Jack Casady, Tommy Tutone, Walter Trout and Yngwie Malmstein. Steve also served as musical director and guitarist for Lita Ford on her worldwide tours. He is currently featured in the guitar documetary "Blood Frets and Tears".  

Steve has produced 10 solo records including his “Live Bullets” which reached #2 on the European blues charts. His 2017 release, “The Steve Fister Electro Acoustic Band”, was well received and resulted in the trio touring Europe once again to packed houses. The band preformed at the Livehouse in Hollywood for Steve Vai's Jamathon in front of 500,000 online viewers. The trio has played over 300 shows including support tours with Joe Satriani, Walter Trout and Y&T.   

His compositions have been featured in the Mel Brooks feature film "Spaceballs", and the hit TV show "Supernatural". Steve has song placements on HBO, Starz, ABC, NBC, VH1, MTV, Showtime, The Howard Stern Show and The History Channel. He is also featured in the video game “Rock Band “.   

Steve's current release, “Let It Slide", is now available along with his 2022 European tour dates at STEVEFISTER.COM  

Steve is not only a multi-talented performer but is also an excellent, experienced and dedicated guitar teacher. He is currently accepting new students via Zoom, or Skype.  

Visit STEVEFISTER.COM for more info.

“Guitar ace Steve Fister joins the ranks of today’s rising guitar superstars, and offers undeniable proof of his stature as a masterful solo artist”. (Robert Silverstein in 21st Century Guitar)  

Steve Fister's playing is excellent. His vocals are smooth and very bluesy. The Tri-fecta rhythm section of Fierabracci and Brinker are tight as a stamp on an envelope. Tony Sisson Reviewed @ The Dedicated Rocker Society  

Steve has been described as "a brilliant guitarist... he not only has soul in his fingers, he has heart in his songs" (Music Connection) and "a talented, versatile guitarist with a love and respect for the instrument's place in several genres."

Steve Fister Band Stage Plot

Steve Fister Band Stage Plot

Steve Fister Band Backline Rider 

Guitar: MARSHALL JCM900, JCM 2000 DSL or SIMILAR AMP WITH EFFECTS LOOP, 50 or 100 Watt. 

1) MARSHALL 4X12 CABINET (vintage 30's preferred) 



BASS:  1) Aguilar, Ampeg, Mark Bass amp, 4x10 BASS CABINET.  



Drum kit (Basic) 

Maple kit (any good major company- such as: Yamaha, Sonor, Pearl, Gretsch, Mapex) 

12” - tom,  14” - Floor Tom,  16” - Floor Tom 

22” - kick drum 


1 - drum pedal,  1 - drum stool (chair) 

3- boom cymbal stands, 1- hi hat stand  

1- snare stand

2019 Tour Poster

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